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Hey There, 'Tashi delek'

'Tashi delek' is a Tibetan greeting, warmly used say 'hello' or to offer congratulations, or to extend wishes of 'good luck'. Pilgrims from around the world have sought to accomplish the challenge of circling the base of Mt. Kailash--the holy peak in Tibet--which is widely considered among the most sacred locations on Earth.

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Our Story

We are a family business. In 1971, our parents met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Estes Park, Colorado, and our whole family began meditating. Our vacations and summers were spent traveling to attend Transcendental Meditation (TM) courses around the country, and, at 14, our sister became the youngest to complete the advanced TM-Sidhi Programme. At the age of 18, she attended a 10-month in-residence Teacher Training Course in Switzerland and then taught TM to thousands in countries around the world. 

For more than 50 years, our lives have been focused on spiritual development and we are very pleased to share with you the profound techniques of Primordial Meditation. 

Our Techniques

In this age of internet connectivity, everyone should have access to the ancient spiritual teachings. Primordial Meditation is for everyone: all ages, all backgrounds. We offer a series of general techniques which universally promote wellness. In addition, we offer individualized techniques which enhance personal expressions to support all areas of life for each individual.

Through computer software designed by Harvard mathematician, Dr. Michael Weinless, we calculate a series of personal influences including: the individual's lunar position, numerical calculations from the first and last name, and other influences of timing. These mathematical calculations determine the specific selection of personal Primordial Sounds–impulses emerging as the earliest sounds of Creation. With over 43 million possible combinations, one is specific to your life–one set of Primordial Sounds promotes You.

Our Tools

While modern technology allows for the effortless spread of knowledge, the teachings and tools themselves remain rooted in ancient traditions. Mount Kailash–at times referred to as Mount Meru–is considered to be the spiritual center of Earth, the abode of Lord Shiva, and the instrument used by Lord Vishnu in the churning of the milk ocean. Major religions including Buddhism and Hinduism consider Kailash to be among the most sacred locations on Earth. It is through the arduous journey to this remote holy site that our Kailash Energy Tools receive blessings of the pure influence–becoming relics of this sacred site.

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Our Community

Join a free "Primordials' group to connect and share with a broader community while gaining support and inspiration from others along the path!



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