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Ancient Sounds from the Inception of Creation

Welcome to Primordial Meditation.

Let’s begin by understanding where these sounds come from—and how we can use Primordials to promote our inner wellbeing as well as our outer relationships and accomplishments. When we practice Primordial Meditation, we are enlivening ancient impulses—sounds which emerged as Creation was formed. These Primordial Sounds are found in the 1st sukta of the Rigveda, the oldest  body of knowledge in existence. According to UNESCO, The Rigveda is considered to be the “earliest literary document in the world.” The Vedas are the roots of the Vedic Sanskrit traditions. 

Personal Sounds

Lunar Calculations

Specific sounds of the 1st sukta are connected with an individual's life. The individual's personal sounds --or Primordials-- are identified through the mathematics of the lunar placement at your time of birth. Fill in your birth information to experience your guided Primordial Meditation today.

Wellness Arts

Enjoy and Be U.

At the beginning of time, the earliest expressions of creation contained vast amounts of energy.  Practicing your personal Primordial Meditation connects your life with this reservoir of unbounded silence and limitless energy. Greater happiness, less anxiety and an inner experience of calm becomes a part of daily life as you practice Primordial Meditation.


Thank you for taking this time to become acquainted with these exceptional tools and techniques.


The Origins

Online Technique and Knowledge Series

8-online video lessons, 5-10 minutes each.

Sneak Preview Lesson 1 below.

Complete Course Available 2024

The Origins Trailer

The Origins

Lesson 1

The Great Wave

Journey Around Mt. Kailash

Video Class Premiering 2024

Primordial Meditation Tools
Primordial Dragon

The Primordial Dragon

Video Class Streaming 2024



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Primordial Meditation

Enjoy online courses and guided meditation videos.

Practice as much as you want on any digital device.

Home duo meditating.

Different Styles for All Ages and Levels

Start your experience of Primordial Meditation today with a free, personalized guided online video Advance at your own pace with further sessions and Kailash Energy Tools.

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Meditating on bed with Kailash Dragon Strand of beads. 108 mala.

Primordial Tools

Want to enhance your meditation experience? Learn about our Kailash Primordial Tools and how they can deepen your experience with Primordial Meditation.


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Gates of Knowledge host meditation courses. Meditation classes offered internationally. East Gate of Knowledge located in Nantou, Taiwan.

A Global Network
of Teachers

North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia.

We have trained instructors on nearly every continent with centers located in Los Angeles and Taiwan.

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