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Kailash Energy Tools
Establishing Durable Silence

Mount Kailash is a pure source of energy for Earth. Kailash Energy Tools contain gems which have journeyed around the 16,000 -18,000 ft. base of the 21,000 ft. holy mountain.

As one of the world's most sacred pilgrimages, the journey to Mt. Kailash is also most challenging. It is believed that the process of encircling the mountain--performing a "kora"-- instills immeasurable blessings upon the individual. Gemstones within these tools are bathed in the holy Lake Manasarovar, at the base of Mt. Kailash, and then taken on the 3-day journey around the sacred Mountain Kailash.

Journey Around Mt. Kailash

Video Class Premiering Jan. 26, 2023

Primordial Meditation Tools
Happy meditation with Mt. Kailash energy tools.

Meditate with Mount 
Kailash Energy Tools

Primordial Tools

Within each Primordial Pendant is one sphere which has bathed in the holy Lake Manasarovar, and journeyed around the 21,000-foot sacred Mount Kailash.

Pure Kailash Tools

All gemstones within each Pure Kailash Primordial Pendant have bathed in the holy Lake Manasarovar, and all have journeyed around the 21,000-foot sacred Mount Kailash.


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Experience Kailash Tools

Would you like to try the Kailash Primordial Tools before you buy the collection?  Sign up for one of our online classes and we will send you a Primordial Origins Collection in advance of the class so you can experience these energy tools in the comfort of your own environment.  A $150 deposit is collected at the time of registering for the class and it is fully refundable if you decide to return the collection within 7 days after taking the class.  If you decide you want to keep the collection we will credit the $150 deposit towards your purchase. The class will allow you to gain an understanding of Primordial Meditation techniques and how the Kailash Primordial Tools are integrated with the meditations.

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