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Meditating in Nature

Primordial Meditation

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Primordial sounds are the first sounds of Creation--an inner reservoir of vitality and creativity. Get in touch with your Primordial Essence and Be YOU.

Happy meditation with Mt. Kailash energy tools.

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Primordial Meditation Logo

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Personal Primordial Meditation Technique

Enter your time, date and place of birth and your personal 20-minute guided Primordial Meditation video session will be calculated for you.

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Get started...Today! It's just that easy. Find a quiet, comfortable location and experience the settling, calm which inspires health, energy and creativity.

  • 9-Gems Primordial Meditation releases deep-seated stresses and connects you with You

  • Primus: Awakens the Energies to the Activities of the Day * Achievement by Day

  • Noctis: Energy Opens to the Purification of the Night * Rejuvenation by Night

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Note: Videos include instructions for using the Kailash Energy Tools. If you do not have these tools, you may follow along using just the Primordial Sounds

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